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SHDCVLT interviews John Michael Perez from Good morning, Gorgeous

Hey John, thanks for letting me interview you for SHDCVULT. Can you introduce yourself and your band for the reader?

 Hey guys, My name is John Michael Perez I play rhythm guitar/clean vocals for Good Morning, Gorgeous. We're a 5 piece melodic hardcore band that has been around for a little over 3 years. We've had a few member changes but our current line up has been around the longest. We love touring, writing and having fun haha.

 How did you guys come up with the name and how long have you guys been together?

 When I first was trying people out for the band, I moved to Pasadena, Tx. One of the guitarist I was trying out was brain storming ideas with me on the name and I think he came up with it. The name has a lot of different meanings to all of us but it was catchy and we liked it. So we stuck with it. We've been together for over 3 years, our first show was in October of 2011.

 I've been hearing from sources (you) that you've been working on some new music. Care to enlighten us on what's to come?

 Yes! We're about halfway done with the album we're working on. Matty G our lead guitarist just moved in with me so we could make the writing process faster. So now 3 of us live in Austin, Tx, Which is helping a lot with the writing process.

 Would you mind giving us a little insight of your writing process?

 Matty G is our primary writer. I have been tracking all of the pre-production for it. Drew and I have been throwing out ideas for stuff. Once the Instrumentals are done, Drew would start writing lyrics.

 I have only heard a few of your solo stuff, how has that been going for you and any new tracks?

 I'm currently writing a 10 song acoustic album. I have a lot on my mind musically and want to express it more in a clear way. It's strictly on the side and Good morning, Gorgeous comes first. I'm almost halfway done with the acoustic album also. I start recording it in 3 weeks with Cory B from Alchemist Studios.

 How long have you been a practicing musician? I've known you since the Seraphim's Cry days but not much before that.

 Pretty much since then, I was about 16. I started very late honestly. I wish I started way earlier. Seraphim's Cry taught me a lot though.

 Any upcoming touring or shows that you would like us to know about?

 Nothing planned. We just got on Imperial Management (For The Fallen Dreams, Sworn In, I the Breather) and we've been instructed to focus on writing the album first.

 I've known most of the guys besides Drew for a while and how do you guys ever get serious enough to record?

 We have a plan and we've stuck to it. We're always thinking about what comes next. Once we write a song we try to record ASAP.

 If you would randomly select the most random and funniest people I know it's basically this band.

 Haha awesome! We try to have as much fun as possible while still taking it serious.

 If you were trapped on a dessert island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?

 My fiance, a guitar and rope. You can do a lot of stuff with rope...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Live Review - DevilDriver, Whitechapel and more @ The Mohawk

DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Revocation, and Rivers of Nihil
live @ The Mohawk in Austin, TX (23June14)

Extenuating circumstance are, by definition, unexpected. Even the best laid plans can be torn asunder in Downtown Austin, where parking issues and homeless issues are to be expected. What's not expected is the show starting at 5:00 p.m. Not "doors open at five." This was "RIVERS OF NIHIL starts at five."

The sun's still up. What's the deal here?

I've played it back in my head and I don't know what the deal was but, for whatever reason, this show started at this ungodly hour and I missed the first three bands. Playing the blame game and pouring over the gory details of why this show started at five won't let you know whether Rivers of Nihil, REVOCATION and CARNIFEX were any good or not. I assume they were enjoyable. No one was complaining when I finally arrived at The Mohawk to a packed house.

I'm not sure if this show sold out or not but the venue held a near-capacity crowd. Said giant crowd was pumped when WHITECHAPEL took the stage. I may not have seen the opening bands but I do know that Whitechapel is a much better band than when I last saw them at the 2008 Summer Slaughter tour. Whitechapel still employs three guitarists to play those breakdowns but, whatever. That's the band's calling card at this point so let it ride.

I'm happy to report that Whitechapel has shed most of the trappings of the deathcore genre. That guitar tone is still there but Whitechapel has moved away from deathcore into a more groove-based death metal direction.

They even played "Father of Lies." Also, Our Endless War kicks ass.

Then DEVILDRIVER took the stage [at 9:10 p.m. WTF? - BNF]. Not to go there but I'm pretty sure that I was the only person in The Mohawk that even mentioned COAL CHAMBER that night. With the ghost of Dez's previous band fully exorcised, DevilDriver proceeded to bash the audience with riffs. It was a "greatest hits" setlist with the band selecting songs evenly from all of its records. For me, the highlight of the DevilDriver set was the powerful yet somber cover version of AWOLNATION's "Sail." That said, the crowd's most energetic response was to "Clouds Over California", which generated the most mosh pit ignorance.

DevilDriver has achieved the impossible. The band created a unique brand of groove metal that is completely divorced from the-band-from-Arlington-with-the-deceased-guitarist. A lot of bands say that they want to "do their own thing" but they end up playing and sounding like everyone else. DevilDriver is genuinely doing its own thing and we are all better off for it, even if the show was completely finished by 10:30 p.m.

Review by Brian No Funeral

Photos by Brandon Bell


Thursday, June 19, 2014

SHDCVLT interviews DSGNS

(Greetings. This is Brian No Funeral, ATX music journalist and the latest addition to the Super Happy Death Cvlt. This interview was conducted back in January and was intended for another publication. Stuff happens, I'm over here, and I brought this with me. The only thing to consider when reading this interview is that a couple of the big events DSGNS hints at during the interview have already happened. The band opened for the DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN in May and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME in June. Both shows were at The Mohawk in Austin. I mention this because DSGNS is a band on the rise, so you should get into this band now, you know, before your friends do.)

(DSGNS, live at The Mohawk)

Keith Hernandez (drums)
Jeremy Hrabal (bass)
Jake Raines (vocals)
Ian Sabo (guitar)
Stephen Sanchez (guitar)


                The middle of January brought an end to Austin’s grim, harsh, frost-bitten, three-week-long winter so the benches out front of The Music Lab on St. Elmo Rd. served as an appropriate yet casual location for the interview with Austin's own noisecore specialist DSGNS. This particular evening was a cause for celebration, for the band had just successfully finished its first practice with new guitarist IAN SABO.

                “Recently, we took a break to write our first full-length record. This is the first break we as a band have had in three years. I don’t think we went longer than 30 days between shows during that run”, drummer KEITH HERNANDEZ explained of the time DSGNS has spent hunkered down in the Music Lab.

                DSGNS is poised to have a big year in 2014.  After three years of gigging around the state and self-releasing three EPs (WSTLND, LXCN, and the split CD with UGLY TWIN), the band has refocused its energies on crafting an even more mind-twisting blend of technical metalcore and noise-rock than before. Not bad for a Do-It-Yourself band from Austin.

                Guitarist STEPHEN SANCHEZ said, “Everything we do is DIY.  Keith (Hernandez) is an engineer by trade. He records and produces all of our music alone. Jeremy (Hrabal) designs most of our merch and flyers and he also builds our stage equipment. I manage the band’s affairs and we all contribute ideas and music.”

(From left to right: Hrabel, Raines, Hernandez, and Sanchez)

                Formed in 2010, DSGNS has forged its own identity in the Austin metal/hardcore community by writing thoughtful and original music, playing passionate live shows, and ignoring the prevailing trends of the day in order to articulate its own unique band-voice. That voice would be a mixture of DEADGUY, RORSCHACH, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and perennial band favorite BOTCH.

                Said Sanchez of the band’s origin, “I was in a different band with Jeremy. I was asked do a JUDGE cover band for a Halloween show with mutual friends of Keith and mine. While practicing for our show as Judge, we were jamming Botch and Death songs and it clicked. After about a year of constant jamming, we were officially DSGNS in 2011.”

(Drummer Keith Hernandez and guitarist Stephen Sanchez)

                “I joined the band via Craiglist. After meeting them, practicing with them, and discovering that they’re all Botch fans, I knew this would work”, added vocalist JAKE RAINES.

Guitarist IAN SABO echoed the sentiment, “We all like ‘out there’ heavy music. Stephen and Keith came to hardcore from the metal world and that’s our common bond. We listen to weird metal like CYNIC, UNSANE, and lots of DEATH.”

                A certain manner of kismet surrounds DSGNS that extends beyond similar taste in music. The state of Virginia figures into the band's equation. Hernandez and Sabo knew of each other through playing in bands back East but they never met or hung out until moving to Austin. Raines was born in Virginia but grew up in Austin.

(Vocalist Jake Raines and bassist Jeremy Hrabal)

                While the members of DSGNS may have grown up elsewhere, the band was absolutely born in (and of) the Capital City.  In addition to regularly playing out in its hometown, DSGNS is beginning to warrant attention throughout the state of Texas.

                “We’ve played about a half-dozen shows each in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. We had our best crowd response in Houston and in Bryan/College Station”, said Sanchez. “Touring plans are in the works for after our new album is released.”


                That question of releasing records in the current economic climate is on the mind of every artist and DSGNS is no different. When asked if there were any plans to release the previous DSGNS EPs on vinyl, Sanchez said, “All of our current records would look great and sound great as 7” records but the financial issues prevents it for the moment. We all work and we fund this ourselves. It will come with time.”

                “It would be great if we could team up with a record label to do more ambitious things with our records but we as a band are unwilling to sign our lives away to make it happen. We would rather have people listen to our music than worry about making money all the time”, said Raines.

(Sanchez and Hernandez will see your brutal and raise you)

                Speaking of the future goals of DSGNS, Hernandez added, “Ideally, we’d like to do this full-time. We’d like to tour full-time and have our records available everywhere but we’re at a point where we can exist and continue right now. Besides, the recorded music is a way for us to attract attention to our live shows.”

                “We pay money to play music. We’d like to eventually earn some money playing music”, said bassist JEREMY HRABAL.

(Guitarist Ian Sabo)

                In the meantime, DSGNS can always lean on that killer live show. It’s the band’s secret weapon. Sanchez insists that the band give the same electrifying performance each show, whether it’s for five people or 500.

                “We’ve played all different kind of shows and clubs around the city”, said Raines. “When they call Austin a music city, it’s true in that there’s live music every night of the week. Now, is Austin the capital of good live music? No.”

(Guitarist Ian Sabo, bassist Jeremy Hrabal, and guitarist Stephen Sanchez)

                Yes, Austin has more band than ever clogging the Entertainment District but DSGNS has done a terrific job of standing out from the crowd. The most readily apparent way this is achieved is through the band’s curious spelling of its name.

                “I chose the name DSGNS so that it wouldn’t give away our sound or pigeonhole us. We didn’t want a name like Brutal DeathFace or anything that could be interpreted as typical”, said Sanchez.

                Hernandez also said, “When DSGNS is spelled without the vowels, it just looks cool. We did the ‘no vowels’ thing on our first two EPs but it won’t be on the full-length. We’re going to keep the DSGNS name the same but we, as a band, are no longer at war with vowels.”

(Raines, Hrabal, and Hernandez bring in the noise; not that much funk)

                With a new record on the horizon, DSGNS will spend the rest of the year fulfilling its mission. That mission is the realistic, achievable goal of being an original band awash in an ocean of pretenders. Sabo offers the sensible advice of listening to Deadguy and Rorschach but Raines offers a different challenge to Austin musicians.

                “Just be yourself and stop copying everyone you see”, said Raines. “On second thought, don’t. Keep doing what you’re doing and let us stand out more.”

(the DSGNS/UglyTwin split EP)

*Photos provided by DSGNS. All images are owned by their respective copyright owners.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SHDCVLT Interviews Christopher Deckard from Like Monroe

Thanks for taking some time from warped tour to do the interview. Would you like to introduce yourself and your band to the readers? My name is Christopher Deckard and I play guitar and do vocals in a band from Houston, Tx called Like Monroe

How did you guys come up with the name like monroe and why the change from a candle lit city? After drastic member changes and a complete Rebirth as a band, the guys felt it was necessary to form a new image all together. We are not the same people as we were when we started playing music at the age of 13 or 14. I myself am now 24 and I have been through things that I can only express through my lyrics. Like Monroe is simply meant to project the image of someone who by all outside appearances is just perfect but on the inside is fighting their demons on a daily basis and still is able to put a smile on. That's how we feel and we have a lot of friends who feel the same way. I've been listening to you guys for a few years and your structures in your songs are a bit different than the standard core bands out there. Would you like to elaborate on your writing process? Well we just write what we would listen to, We all share ideas, melodies, riffs, and Wade will put down his ideas, Ty will be writing his lyrics, and Alex and I will put down our ideas musically. We sometimes are able to collaborate but more times we each have our own song in the end. I have wrote notebooks and journals worth of lyrics over the past 2 and a half years of being away from music and I am now getting to release those haunting things from my past and get it out all in the open. 

How has working with Artery Recordings changed it up since your DIY days?
We actually work with Artery Global Booking. How has your experience on warped been so far and how many dates are you going to be on?
Its been awesome. We are just out here to hang with friends and support them and hopefully be able to play next year. What plans do you guys have as far as local shows and future touring coming in the next couple months? We have a couple of regional one off shows and some tours being lineup for the fall/winter What has been your favorite memory touring so far?
Smashing a Ps3 When can we expect a full length from you guys? I don't think I have heard a song I havent liked yet and I am looking forward to more new ones. 

Later this Fall! FINALLY! and its worth the wait. You have my word. What is your current set up and what sponsors would you like to see in the future?
Reverend Guitar, Dr Strings, Monster Cables, Orange 4x12 Cab, Orange AD30HTC Amplifier, Rocktron Ultra Hush. and I have all the sponsors I have ever dreamed of. If you could mkae any tour happen what would it be alive or not?
ISSUES, Crown The Empire, The Color Morale, TDWP, Secrets, Nightmares, and of course Like Monroe

Give them a like on facebook!
Like Monroe

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jay Sweeps Joins Extortionist

>Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by us. Would you like to introduce your self to our readers?

No problem my dude! What's up everyone, my names Jared but a lot of people might know me by Jay Sweepz/Crimewave420. Me and my friend Trevor Wells are the new guitarists of Extortionist!

>What the fuck happened to Nav. And will Natural Selection ever drop. 

I've never really explained openly what happened, but a few of the members just kind of had some personal problems in life or wanted to do other things so we decided it was just better to disband and move on. We do still plan on releasing our full length Natural Selection but we want to re-record parts of it to make sure our last release hits hard.

>How the fuck did you end up in Extortionist?

I've known Ben forever, and I had been wanting to join a new project for a few months and he came to me and asked if I would be down to fill Joel from RoS' shoes! I've hung with the other dudes in Extortionist before and I love them so I'm stoked to start touring with my good friends

>Now that you're in the band, what kind of influence do you want to have on the sound and overall vibe?

I wanna take the band in a more evil sounding direction, I've always been about really dark sounding music. A lot of my inspirations musically aren't even metal, like I look up to rappers/producers like Spaceghostpurrp, Three 6 Mafia, and JayYeah hahaha.

also skeletons are pretty raw, expect to see a lot of those

>You live in Tacoma Wa, and i know Extortionist is based out of Spokane Wa. How does this work out? 

Spokane is only a few hours away, so me and the other guitarist Trevor who also lives down here would just Travel together

>What is your dream tour for Extortionist.

Whew god damn...I'm trying to tour with like Traitors, Villians, and Feign, probably some of the hardest hitters in the sludgewave game right now 

>Are you excited to be working with We Are Triumphant?

I'm super stoked on it, a lot of my favorite bands are signed with them so it's tight to be label mates with them!

>Your beautiful face has gone viral. Did you expect your comical emmure cover to go viral so quickly?

That god damn video still haunts me, hahahaha. Nah I never expected that video to go anywhere like...I was just joking with a few friends on tumblr about Emmure and I made that in one take because my chair broke at the end of it and I was like "whatever fuck it it's not like more than 10 people will see it" 

boy was I wrong 

>Message for the readers? Anything else you want our following to know?

Drop out if school, follow ya damn dreams, smoke reefer and listen to Death Grips while you disobey your parents. 

follow me on tumblr god dammit @

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SHDCVLT goes to a video shoot for "Molotov"

      Recently For Today announced that they will be filming a video in Houston, TX. All that was said on the flier is that you must need a mask, glasses or bandana. There was very little information posted and if I would have know what it was for I would have taken a baseball bat or some type of weapon to the shoot. If you haven't listened to Molotov I will give you a quick run down. It's a song about ending the rule of people, organizations and (blatantly) the system. It's about starting a revolution and ending fascism and oppression of people who can't help themselves so needless to say, there were riot scenes.

For today is from Sioux City, Iowa and are pretty well known in the music scene. Mattie Montgomery is also well known for his ministry. The band has been together for years and have quite a record for touring and have released 5 albums and 2 EPs. The line up includes Ryan Leitru on lead guitar,  Brandon Leitru on bass, Mattie Montgomery on Vocals, Sam Penner on rhythm and David Pucket on drums.

       The day was initially meant to start at 9 but they decided 11:30 would be better due to the bands traveling schedule. At first there were maybe 12 people that showed but as the time drew closer about 120-160 people showed up. The first scene of the day was the initial riot scene. The entire shoot was high energy and 96 degree Texas weather can drain it out of you quickly. 

       Later on the director chose a select few to make solo appearances for the video for some filler shots. The shoot lasted for about 6 hours or so and it was worth the 2 hour drive filled with car moshing and air drums. The band showed up around 12 and was well met with everyone crowding Mattie Montgomery so he did what any other fun loving musician would do, take a giant group selfie. 

       The second riot scene, everyone was directed to move aggressively but not crowding Mattie. There was tons of fists and elbows being thrown and a few faces were busted up by the end of it. (You may see me throwing people around as well.) 

        The biggest shot of the day was a riot scene around a police car and that was the probably the funnest scene to shoot. Our initial direction was to riot around the police car and so we did.

      We did this shot quite a few times but my favorite part is what the crowd of people did next. Rioting wasn't enough so instead, we made a giant circle pit around the band.

       This was one of the funnest shoots I have been on and I definitely enjoyed my time. It was worth the exhaustion and sun burn. I am really excited to see the final product.


Friday, June 6, 2014

SHDCVLT Interviews Trevor Phillips of Feign

Thanks for taking some time for an interview. Would you like to introduce your self to our followers?

Thank you for the interest, Brett. I am Trevor Phillips, founder and guitarist of Feign. The rest of the lineup consists of Devin Sockwell doing vocals, Drake Eckhart on bass, and Patrick Hoey on drums. I would introduce our second guitarist, although we have been having trouble keeping a consistent one, so let's leave that blank.

Were you guys in other bands before Feign got started?

Yes, all of us were a part of a band or two in some way before this band began. Nothing that got far enough to be worth noting, although I would be lying if I said any of us would be where we are today if it weren't for those bands helping us learn and grow as musicians.

How difficult was the hunt for a guitarist and bassist in the beginning, and what other lineup changes did you guys go though?

In all honesty, I think the hardest thing we've had to do with this band is get a (permanent) lineup going. One of the main reasons for this is because the band started as a two piece, Reagan Crownover and I. After we had released the track "Fiend" and gave it some time, I realized I wanted this to be a band. I then began to hold tryouts for every position, basically (this is how I met up with Patrick Hoey). We went through quite a few until I had decided to let two of my talented friends join in on bass and second guitar. We've had several lineup changes since then on all; guitar, bass, and vocals. There may be two "original" members in the band as of now, but our current lineup is the strongest it's ever been and we have no intention on it changing anytime soon.

Your first show as feign was with Call To Preserve on their Final tour, Dead Icons, and Dynasty. How much progress have you made since then?

Yes, looking back, it is truly crazy how much we've grown both inside and outside of the band. So much has changed and improved from each of us. None of us have been a part of anything this big musically before, and we had no idea when we began that people would enjoy our material as much as they have. Everything and everyone that helps/has helped us do this in any way are very appreciated. We have learned a lot, but still have a long way to go.

Are there any individuals that get bragging rights for helping Feign get to where it is now. Any body help you out in a big way?

I will say both our first guitarist Andrew Moreno, and also our producer Robby Joyner are due some credit, they've both helped us in big ways musically, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Drew Glover with Beheading the Traitor, and Jason Frazier with Begotten Media 

What would be the dream tour for Feign? What bands do you guys want to go on tour with the most?

I can't speak for the rest of the guys, and I wouldn't even know where to begin on the huge list of bands I would personally love to tour with.
Although, if I had to choose (out of both alive and dead bands), I would probably have to say: Desolated, Demolisher, Harm's Way, Hosanna, Those Who Fear, Frontlines, TLTSOL, Jerome, Impending Doom, and The Acacia Strain.

We Are Triumphant Records put out a split Nu-Metal Cover Sampler. Originally it was going to be Immoralist, Dealey Plaza, and Extortionists. How did Feign end up on it?

Soon before we had received an email, we had noticed this as well.
Several days before it's release, we had received an email from WAT in interest of adding our "Dig" cover to the CD.
I decided in best interest of the band, to agree and go ahead and let them add it to help get our name out. While we are not signed to WAT, we are very appreciative of them doing this with us and helping us.

Do you guys have any plans on signing to a label?

In mid-June, we are filming a showcase for a record label, yes.

There are rumors that you are coming out with a new Music Video?! Is there any truth to this?

Besides the film for the showcase, we currently have no official dates to shoot a music video, but we will be filming one for a track from the upcoming CD "The New World Order" a bit closer to it's release.

Is there anything else you would like our following to know? Any thing of importance that we missed?
We just want to thank everybody for their support and again, anybody that's helped us in some way. It's very much appreciated.
We are currently waiting to get back into the studio to begin tracking the second half of "The New World Order". The CD is planned to have nine tracks, and I personally believe it's already sounding like a huge step from our first EP "False Hope". No release announced, but I will say it's expected to be released late 2014/early 2015. Expect a bunch of new stuff from both inside and outside the music coming sooner than later, and we are trying our best to get on the road as soon as we possibly can! Feign is going stronger than ever.


Trevor Phillips

Monday, June 2, 2014

SHDCVLT reviews Misery Index's "The Killing Gods"

This band has been a favorite of mine since I was 16 years old and I am extremely happy to be doing this review.
If you are not familiar with these guys you need to be. Misery index is from Baltimore, Maryland. They have seen a few line up changes since the incarnation in 2001
but the current line up is Jason Netherton – bass guitar, lead vocals, Mark Kloeppel - guitar, vocals, Adam Jarvis (Fuck Yeah) – drums,
Darin Morris – lead guitar.

The album begins with "Urfaust". It's a track that incites you to listen futher and adds a little studio magic leading into 
an onslaught on drums brought to you by Adam Jarvis (fuck yeah) in track number 2 titled "The Calling". Intricate riffs and 
some devastation on drums go hand in hand with the malevolence of Jason Netherton's vocals. This track is a close second of mine
on the album but we'll get to that in a minute. This track is pretty heavy and about 3 minute into it begins to soothen with some
riff play and picks up once again fading into the next track "The oath".

"The oath" opens with some soft melodic chord with a slight palm mute then is interupted by my favorite track entitled "Conjuring the Cull".
This songs begins with some slight delay inciting you to get pumped for what's to come. This track is an excellent example as to
why the Misery Index will be one of the greatest death metal bands. The sound itself i just a roar of instruments and it drives
you to move. The structure of this song is so solid and leads into the fifth track "The Harrowing".

"The Harrowing" starts with some shrill shredding and beastly blast beats and completely grabs you when the vocals add the mixture.
This is another example of the insanely brutal minds of Misery Index. The structure is flawless and does not falter from start to
finish. Now for the title track of the album, "The Killing Gods". It starts with ominous chanting and some melodic riffs. The drums start to
pound adding just a bit more heaviness and then the darkness ensues. The villainous vocals combined with the dark riffs and
heavy beat just ties it together perfectly. This is probably the heaviest track on the album in my opinion but you need to take
a listen for yourself.

"Cross to bear" is probably going to be the biggest pit crazy song off this album. The intro forces you to move with the right 
amount of drums and riffs. It's just the perfect mixture and from then on it just gets more and more demanding. Misery index does
not dissapoint one bit throughout this title and they do not ease up at all. I've come to believe that Adam Jarvis (fuck yeah) is
an android sent to melt faces.

"Gallows Humor" has the best intro of this album in my opinion. This song reminds me a lot of Misery Index's earlier stuff.
This song has the signature structure and the riff work is very playful compared to their heavier stuff but does not take away
from the theme of the track itself. This track has my favorite breakdown of the album as well that leads into an amazing solo segment from
both guitars and drums.

"The Weakener" starts off very slow but then grabs you by the throat and refuses to stop pummeling you. It has a pretty interesting
tempo and I feel it's new to Misery Index's work but they crush it. "Sentinels" starts with brutal riffs and fast drums and 
is pure hatred from start to finish. "Colony Collapse" does not relieve the hate and heaviness of the previous tracks and continues to 
bombard you with destruction from Adam jarvis and intense solos from both guitars that lead into a very heavy breakdown.

"Heretics" closes this masterpiece of an album with some quick and short riffs followed by a little bass solo and shredding then continues with
a barrage from Misery Index. This song has one of my favorite solos from them. It's got a twist to the classic death metal feel. The Killing gods is
one of the best albums I have heard in a while and The Misery Index do no fail to deliver at all. I highly recommend you buy this album album and checking them

Check out the full album on their Bandcamp
misery index bandcamp

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SHDCVLT Interviews Mike Bielenda of Boreworm

Thanks for taking some time to talk to us. Would you like to introduce
Yourself and the rest of the band for our readers?
Hello! Our pleasure, this is Mike Bielenda (guitar/songwriter), our band includes Nathan Wittock on vocals, Cody McCoy on drums, Ben Lamoreaux on guitar and Brian Walsh on bass guitar.
What's the story behind "Boreworm" who had the idea to start it and when did it happen?
The story behind the band is a horror/science fiction world I started writing music for after the unexpected end of our band "The Yellow Sign" in 2010. I made some changes to a less conventional tuning
and started trying to commit to a faster scarier vibe to match the story that I was writing. Making the switch from bass to guitar and recruiting my friend Cody McCoy to shred on drums kicked the project
out of my head and into the real world. After jamming with multiple awesome musicians that just weren't exactly clicking with what Cody and I were trying to go for, Life situations realigned so that I was
able to recruit back my brothers Ben (Guitar) and Nathan (formerly drummer for TYS, moved to vocals) to help us realize our vision for the band. After solidifying the direction and lyrical backstory with Nate
we began really launching the band in 2013 by releasing The Black Path EP 
How did you guys come up with the name? It’s very different and it gives a very dark and intimidating vibe, make me think of band names like BESERKER, RINGWORM and DEADCHURCH.  

The name originally came from a classic horror videogame, Splatterhouse 3. The cutscenes warning you that your that your girlfriend being eaten alive from inside and turned into a mindless undead beast if 
you don't complete the level fast enough were so disturbing and creepy. I wanted that for inspiration when I was writing material on my own, that frantic feeling that you have to move faster always and the very
real thought that you're failing every second you waste haha. Once I committed to writing my own horror/scifi fiction for the lyrical/artwork side of the project I re appropriated the name into my own mythos as
an homage, Since so much of the story behind the band is inspired by things that I find scary or ominous. Now the name for the band has more to do with the ancient lovecraftian creatures hidden in the story than
my videogame nostalgia, but the reference lives on in the commitment to more aggressive and ominous death metal riffage.
Were any of you guy's in other bands before Boreworm? I know most of you guys were in “The Yellow Sign” which I have to say is pretty upsetting that band is no more, but Boreworm brings it all back! 

Me, Ben and Nate were all founding members of "The Yellow Sign" which we did full time from around 2006 to 2010, Cody has been in numerous projects including a local band which played with us many times
in TYS called "Algore", the band "Winterus" which were on Lifeforce Records, and is also currently in the bands "Traitor" and his awesome solo project "Cerna" which just finished recording his second album for
Domestic Genocide Records. Our bassist Brian was formerly in the Indiana death metal band "Heavy Lies The Crown".

So you guys released “The Black Path” EP last year, which has had A LOT of positive feedback. Did everything meet your expectations? How did you guys go about writing it and who did what?  

The Black Path EP was written by me musically, Nathan and I worked out the story arc for the first album (with him doing all the lyrics and vocals) and took 4 songs we thought stood best on their own lyrically and
put them together as a sort of preview package so we could start getting interest in the band, we garnered a lot of great reviews online which was awesome! I think it turned out well and we have even higher hopes
and desires for the realization of the full length the songs are meant to be excerpts from!

I’m sure a lot of our readers are curious including myself, are you guys currently working on anything new?  

Since the time we recorded The Black Path EP I've had a full length album written, we've been perfecting it and working out the kinks to try and make it the best album possible and hope to have it out later this year.
Much of the other material you can actually hear us playing live already including songs not heard on Black Path, though some of my favorite material is still being learned and solidified with the rest of the band. 

OK, I'm sure you saw this coming, But you have to tell us about the “Ultimate Metal Hand Shake” what exactly drove you guys into making this? It’s pretty awesome! Best thing I've seen in a really long time. My favorite part was at 0:53 when you guys were windmilling and doing the hand shake. You guys have had articles written about it from people like and, were you guys expecting it to get as big as it did?  

Haha! We do silly stuff like that all the time and are always saying, man we should make a video of this, or a t-shirt with whatever joke on it. Usually we never follow through with any of it but this time Nate and I did.
Its always just to make each other laugh but somehow Metalsucks picked it up and it went viral almost immediately. We were and are still completely dumbfounded that it exploded like that, Now we have all these hilarious
positive and negative reactions to read and people everywhere are being subjected to a sample of our music, really we couldn't be happier haha. The whole experience is completely surreal actually.

Alright, so what intentions did you guys have for Boreworm, where exactly do you guys want to go with it? How far are you wanting to go? Seeing you guys make it to the Semifinals for summer slaughter/All stars tour I assume you guys have big dreams for it, do you plan on touring in the near future?

Sky is the limit really, I plan to take Boreworm as far as I can. We will actually be in California next month for the finals of the battle for Summer Slaughter, which IF we win would be the start of a crazy summer of touring for
us. If not we plan on taking to the road this summer anyway and recording the full length. Many things on our plate, we can't wait for everyone to see what we have for them this year!

What are some of your main musical influences? Who got you into wanting to start a band?

Personally I think being a kid and watching bands like Metallica and Megadeth did the most for me wanting to start a band, the musical Influences are nearly endless though for everyone in the band. I think in terms of the 
more "extreme" genres of metal the bands that got ME the most excited early on were old Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Decapitated, but so much also comes from stuff like Ion Dissonace, Meshuggah, Mastodon and
more recently stuff off the deep end of dark conceptual metal like Ulcerate and Gorguts, horror movie soundtracks, But sometimes Ben and I can get just as pumped singing along to Blind Guardian or Killswitch Engage or
windmilling to Amon Amarth. We've all been so pumped about metal for so long it's hard to tell where any one influence starts or stops anymore.

What would you say is the most fulfilling, exciting part about being a musician?

I think for me it's when that part of a song comes together perfectly, live or recorded. That moment where the melody is perfect or that transition gives you goosebumps. That moment when a crowd is completely there with
you and lost in the moment. Creating and performing music in general is just exciting in itself to me, and doing it with my best friends is even better.

What would be your dream tour? What bands would you like to have Boreworm play with?

We just got to play with Ulcerate which was awesome for me, really getting to play with any of those bands that i watched as a kid would be mind blowing, sharing a stage with Megadeth or something would probably be
terrible actually from stress and nervousness haha. Playing with any band from our CD collections would be a huge deal, its impossible to narrow it down really!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? Anything, come on!

Just that we hope to see you at a show and headbang with you! Send us a message on one of our sites and lets talk metal and bug monsters, If you dig the music grab a shirt to help us get to california and wish us luck!

Alright man, well I, along with everyone in SHDCVLT including our reader's appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. I’m very excited and looking forward to see what you guys bring to the music scene! Good luck to you guys!

Thank you!